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Steaks menu The Király21 Beerhouse&Grill, following the example of the American beerhouses, offers diverse and peculiar types of draught and bottled beers. Besides our beer selection, within our offer our dear guests can find the most popular cocktails from all over the world, from which many can be ordered in XXL or in alcohol-free versions too. We also offer numerous liquors, thus it’s easy to find your favorite. Steaks menu

Coffee and tea

espresso350 Ft
long caffe /cappucino/490 Ft
latte macchiato490 Ft
hot chocolate690 Ft
iced coffee990 Ft
black tea / green tea / fruit tea420 Ft
honey100 Ft

Juices, lemonades

Cappy 0,1l150 Ft
orange (100%), pineapple (51%), apple (100%), peach (46%)
Cappy bottle 0,25l390 Ft
lemonade 0,4l / 0,6l690 Ft / 890 Ft
strawberry / raspberry lemonade / eldelberry & mint 0,4l 6 / 0,6l790 Ft / 990 Ft

bottled soft drink

coca cola, light, zero350 Ft
fanta, orange, sprite350 Ft
kinley ginger ale, kinley tonic390 Ft
fuzetea - lemon, peach-hybiscus (0,25l390 Ft
burn energy drink590 Ft
naturaqua (sparkling, still)
0,25l290 Ft
soda water 1 dl70 Ft
römerquelle (sparkling, still) 0,33 l/0,75 l390 Ft / 690 Ft
Steaks menu

Bottled beer

D24 lemon alcohol free 0,5l490 Ft
dreher classic non-alcoholic 0,5l490 Ft
Kozel 0,5 l690 Ft
dreher bak 0,5 l690 Ft
coronita 0,33 l890 Ft
Asahi 0,33 l890 Ft

draught beer

size:0,3l / 0,5l
the beer of the house390 Ft / 590 Ft
unpasteurized, domestic, lager beer
dreher classic390 Ft / 590 Ff
pilsner urquell490 Ft / 790 Ft
hb münchen weissbier490 Ft / 790 Ft / 2 290 Ft
pale ale 490 Ft / 790 Ft
flories-kriek (0,25l) 590 Ft
sour cherry flavoured belgian beer
guiness (0,25 l / 0,5l) 690 Ft / 1 290 Ft
Steaks menu

coctails, long drinks

aperol spritz 0,4l1 290 Ft
prosecco, aperol, sliced orange, soda
hugo sambuco spritz 0,4l1 290 Ft
prosecco, elder berry syrup,lime, menta, lemon, soda
bloody mary 0,4l1 490 Ft
vodka, tomato juice, lemon, spices
b52 0,06l (shot)1 590 Ft
Kahlua, Bailey's, Cointreau
Long island ice tea 0,4l1 890 Ft
vodka, gin, white rum, triple sec, tequila, lime, coke
hawaian ice tea 0,4l1 890 Ft
white rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, pineapple juice, cranberry juice
sex on the beach 0,4l1 390 Ft
vodka, peach liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lime
zombie 0,4l1 890 Ft
white rum, dark rum, peach liqueur, 151o rum, grenadin, pineapple juice, lime
mai tai1 890 Ft
rum, white rum, Apricot brandy, 151o rum, Mai Tai mix, lime
mojito 0,4l1 490 Ft
white rum, lime, mint, sugar, soda water
cuba libre 0,3l1 190 Ft
white rum, coke, lime
cubana 0,3l1 890 Ft
Matusalem Gran Reserva rum, coke, fresh orange slices, coffeebeans
caipirinha 0,3l1 490 Ft
Cachaca, lime, brown sugar
strawberry caipirinha 0,4l1 590 Ft
cachaca, strawberry, lime, brown sugar
caipiroska 0,3l1 390 Ft
vodka, lime, brown sugar
flying cangaroo 0,4l1 590 Ft
white rum, vodka, galiano, orange- and pineapple juice, coconut syrup, cream
piña colada 0,4l1 390 Ft
white rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, cream
caribbean kiss 0,4l1 490 Ft
white rum, fig liqueur, maracuja syrup, grenadin, orange juice, pineapple juice
margarita 0,2l1 490 Ft
tequila, triple sec, lime
swimming pool 0,4l1 490 Ft
vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice, coconut syrup, cream
white russian 0,15l1 490 Ft
vodka, Kahlua, cream
tequila sunrise 0,4l1 490 Ft
tequila, grenadin, orange juice
frozen strawberry daiquiri 0,2l1 490 Ft
white rum, strawberry, sugar, lime
orgazmus 0,15l1 490 Ft
Amaretto, Bailey's, Cointreau, cream
cosmopolitan 0,2l1 490 Ft
vodka, cranberry juice, lime, Cointreau, lemon juice
burn "Waikiki moonlight" energy(0,4 l)1 790 Ft
triple sec, passion fruit, strawberry, lime, lemon, energy drink

XXL coctails

cuba libre1 590 Ft
white rum, coke, lime
mojito1 990 Ft
white rum, lime, mint, sugar, soda
caipirinha1 990 Ft
Cachaca, lime, brown cukor
zombie2 590 Ft
white rum, dark rum, peach liquer, 151 rum, renadin, pineapple juice, lime
mai tai2 590 Ft
rum, white rum, apricot brandy, 151 rum, Mai Tai mix, lime
long island ice tea2 590 Ft
vodka, gin, white rum, triple sec, tequila, lime, coke

non-alcoholic coctails

cinderella 0,4l890 Ft
coconut syrup, grenadine, pineapple juice, orange juice, cream
safe sex on the beach 0,4l890 Ft
peach juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice
virgin piña colada 0,4l890 Ft
pineapple juice, cream, coconut syrup
pocahontas 0,4l890 Ft
orange juices, blue-curacao- and almond syrup, pineapple juice
xtapa 0,4l890 Ft
ginger ale, sugar, lime
fresh fruit 0,4l990 Ft
fresh fruits, pineapple juice
virgin mojito 0,4l / 0,6l890 Ft / 1 190 Ft
lime, mint, sugar, soda
virgin pineapple mojito 0,4l / 0,6l890Ft / 1 190 Ft
lime, mint, pineapple juice
virgin fresh berry mojito 0,4l / 0,6l890Ft / 1 190 Ft
lemon, lime, mint, forrest fruits, cranberry juice, soda
Steaks menu


Calvados Boulard1 190 Ft
Rézangyal Honey sour cherry1 190 Ft
Agárdi plum1 190 Ft
Agárdi apricot1 190 Ft
Agárdi Irsai Oliver1 190 Ft
Agárdi barrique plum1 390 Ft
Agárdi red villiam spear1 390 Ft
Agárdi quince 1 490 Ft
Agárdi WAXXX 50% 1 190 Ft
Bestillo apricot (premium) 1 190 Ft
Bestillo sour cherry 1 190 Ft
Bestillo wild cherry 1 390 Ft
cinzano (bianco, extra dry) 0,08l790 Ft
Campari 0,08l890 Ft
tequila St. Luis silver790 Ft
tequila sauza silver / gold990 Ft
tequila jose cuervo silver / gold990 Ft
tequila 1800 Blanco990 Ft
tequila 1800 Resposado1 190 Ft
tequila 1800 Anejo1 290 Ft
Casa vieja resposado1 290 Ft
don julio anejo1 490 Ft
absinthe classic 70%790 Ft
bailey's Irish cream790 Ft
sambuca Ramazotti790 Ft
kahlua990 Ft
charleston follies890 Ft
galliano vanilla890 Ft
southern comfort890 Ft
Tia maria890 Ft
cointreau990 Ft
grand marnier990 Ft
VODKA 0,04l
bols vodka890 Ft
smirnoff890 Ft
finlandia890 Ft
Beluga1 190 Ft
Belvedere1 190 Ft
Grey Goose1 190 Ft
Ciroc1 190 Ft


COGNAC 0,04l
metaxa *****790 Ft
remy martin V.s.o.p.1 490 Ft
henessy V.S.990 Ft
henessy X.O.3 490 Ft
WHISKY 0,04l
ballantine's690 Ft
jameson890 Ft
four roses890 Ft
jim beam790 Ft
jack daniel's890 Ft
jack daniel's tennessee honey890 Ft
chivas regal (12 years)990 Ft
jack daniel's gentlamen jack990 Ft
wild turkey 101 proof990 Ft
teeling small batch 46%1 290 Ft
1776 Bourbon whiskey 50%1 390 Ft
Baker's 53,5%1 990 Ft
Oban Old Single Malt 14 éves1 890 Ft
suntory hibiki japanese 43% pdd2 490 Ft
lagavulin (16 years)1 990 Ft
RUM 0,04l
bacardi blanca790 Ft
bacardi oro890 Ft
bacardi carta negra890 Ft
overproof990 Ft
cachaca canario790 Ft
cachaca 51890 Ft
cachaca ypioka990 Ft
myers's (dark)990 Ft
matusalem gran reserva (15 years)1 190 Ft
sailor jerry (spiced rum)990 Ft
GIN 0,04l
silver top690 Ft
gordon's890 Ft
bombay saphire890 Ft
tanqueray London Dry Strong Gin 47,3%990 Ft
jinzu gin 41,3%1 390 Ft
BITTER 0,04l
aperol790 Ft
zwack unicum790 Ft
zwack unicum plum790 Ft
jägermeister890 Ft
beherovka890 Ft
ramazzotti amaro890 Ft
averna890 Ft