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Steaks menu The Király21 Beerhouse&Grill, following the example of the American beerhouses, offers mainly a selection of steaks, meat and pizza dishes. The selection of our pizzas covers both the Italian style –thin-based pizzas – and also the American style –thick-based pizzas, furthermore, we offer a range of stuffed pizzas and flatbreads as well. Another specialty of our restaurant is the “Schnitzel plates”, within this category, our dear guests can create a combination of meat and topping, selecting them from a variety. Moreover, the gourmand ones may order the Schnitzel in Extra large size too. Our unique dessert selection is also fairly popular, such as the “Skillet Cookie”, the “Crème Catalan”, the “Chocolate fondant” and the specialty of our restaurant: the American Cheesecakes.
Steaks menu


Caprese1 290 Ft
tomato, mozzarella, basil
Classic nachos2 190 Ft
home made fresh tortilla chips, jalapeno, salsa, chives, guacamole, smoked & cheddar cheese, sour cream
Breaded feta cheese 1 890 Ft
served with small portion of tossed salad & apple-honey vinegar dressing
Steak tartare (0,12 kg)3 490 Ft
served with fresh vegetables & toast
Steaks menu

The wings

Wings flavors: buffalo(spicy hot), spicy honey chipotle(sweet & hot), Korean BBQ (oriental), Daytona BBQ
SIZE:7 pcs / 10 pcs
Crispy chicken wings1 490 Ft / 1 990 Ft
Breaded wings tossed in your favorit sauce
"Naked" chicken wings1 490 Ft / 1 990 Ft
Naked wings tossed in your favorit sauce
extra sauce +300 Ft
ranch, blue cheese
with celery+300 Ft


Chicken vegetables & noodle soup790 Ft
Goulash soup1 790 Ft
Tuscan tomato soup890 Ft
fruit soup wit cottage cheese dumpling1 490 Ft
optional flavors: strawberry, raspberry or forest fruit
Pho soup with chicken @ fresh vegetables1 490 Ft
Steaks menu

Pastas & risotto

tomato & basil1 990 Ft
garganelli with spicy tomato and vasil sauce
al ragu di carne (Bolognese)2 490 Ft
garganelli in savory meat sauce, topped with parmesan cheese
pasta supremo2 290 Ft
tagliatelle, cherry tomato, sun-dried tomato, basil, parmesan chips in garic olive sauce
- with chicken: 2 690 Ft
pasta la vista2 690 Ft
tagliatelle, chicken, bacon, peas, wild mushrooms, in cheese creamy sauce
chicken alfredo2 690 Ft
fetuccine, chicken breast, sundried tomato, basil & portabello mushrooms in a creamy alfredo sauce
risotto di terra
covered with sweet potatoes
- with grilled chicken bites & parmesan chips 1 990 Ft
- with duck bites & wild mushrooms 2 790 Ft


Size:small / large
tossed green salad990 Ft / ---
with ranch, yogurt or Italian dressing
rucola salad1 190 Ft / ---
rucola, cherry tomato, parmesan chips
greek salad1 690 Ft / 2 190 Ft
classic greek salad with olive, onion, feta cheese, sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato, red wine vinegar, virgin olive oil
- with chicken: 1 990 Ft / 2 490 Ft
Chicken caesar salad1 790 Ft / 2 490 Ft
chicken strips, Romaine lettuce, crouton,parmesan chips, Caesar dressing
BBQ chicken salad--- /2 690 Ft
iceberg and Romaine lettuce, BBQ chicken, corn, crispy bacon, tomato, black beans, cucumber, fried crispy onion, ranch dressing
santa fe salad--- / 2 690 Ft
Romaine lettuce, chicken breast, red onions, fire-roasted bell peppers, jack and cheddar cheese, avocado, corn, tomatoes and crisp corn tortilla strips, Santa Fe dressing
Steaks menu

Premium burgers

With 180g beef patty, served with steak potatoes
cheeseburger2 690 Ft
cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles
bacon cheeseburger2 890 Ft
bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion
Western smoke burger2 890 Ft
lettuce, tomato, chipotle pepper salsa, cheddar, crispy onion
Blue house burger2 890 Ft
lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, bacon, caramellized onion
Guacamole burger2 890 Ft
lettuce, roasted peppers, quacamole, smoked, cheese, caramelized onion
Sweet and smoke burger2 890 Ft
lettuce, cheddar cheese, bacon, hikory BBQ sauce, cole slaw
Steaks menu

from the grill

The side is not included in the price of steak! Build your own steak dishes
Chicken 200g1 490 Ft
grilled duck breast 250g2 490 Ft
salmon steak 200g2 790 Ft
pork loin steak 200g / 300g1 390 Ft / 1 990 Ft
spare ribs BBQ 250g / 450g2 290 Ft / 2 990 Ft
flank steak 200g / 250g4 490 Ft / 4 990 Ft
fillet mignon 200g / 250g5 490 Ft / 6 490 Ft
3-pepper filet steak 200g / 250g5 690 Ft / 6 690 Ft
extra sauces
chimichurri - hot350 Ft
bbq sauce790 Ft
wild mushroom sauce790 Ft
green pepper sauce790 Ft
mayo, cetchup (packaged)100 Ft/pcs
Cheddar cheese, coctail, sweet chili, spicy sour cream, salsa, guacamole450 Ft
french fries, steamed rice 490 Ft
steak potatoes590 Ft
smoked cheese mashed potatoes590 Ft
pan fried potatoes590 Ft
streamed vegetables790 Ft
grilled vegetables1 190 Ft
Steaks menu


easy chicken2 690 Ft
grilled chicken breast with tossed fresh salad, arugula, cherry tomato, parmesan chips with steak potatoes
mediterranean chicken2 690 Ft
grilled marinated chicken thighs wit tzaziki & steak potatoes
oven chicken2 690 Ft
grilled chicken breast topped with tomato, bacon @ cheese, served with pan fried potatoes
daytona chicken2 890 Ft
Crispy boneless chicken thighs covered in Daytona wings sauce with steak potato dippers & coleslaw
honey-chipotle chicken2 890 Ft
Crispy boneless chicken thights covered in honey-chipotle wings sauce with steak potato dippers & Caesar salad


CHICKEN quesadilla2 690 Ft
filled with cheese, chicken breast, onion, tomato, served with guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo sour cream
vega quesadilla2 690 Ft
filled with bell peppers, onion, cheese, cherry tomato, served with guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo & sour cream
served with tortilla, salsa, guacamole and sour cream
-with chicken2 790 Ft
-with beef tenderloin3 990 Ft


tuscan filet stripes 150g4 990 Ft
beef tenderloin stripes with rucola salad & steak potatoes
gourmet filet stripes 150g6 490 Ft
beef tenderloin stripes covered with foi gras and wild mushroom ragout with smiked cheese mashed potatoes
australiana 250g5 990 Ft
AUS flank steak with cherry tomato @ pan fried potatoes
filetto al pepe verde 200g / 250g5 990 Ft / 6 790 Ft
Argentinoe steak tenderloin topped with green pepper souce, fresh salad served with steak potatoes
wild mushrooms fillet steak 200g /250g5 990 Ft / 6 790 Ft
Argentíne steak tenderloin topped with wild mushrooms sauce, served with smoked cheese mmashed potatoes
3 peppers filet mignon 200g /250g5 990 Ft / 6 790 Ft
3 peppers-crusted filet mignon with fresh tossed salad & steak potatoes

veal and duck

stufed veal4 990 Ft
bacon-wrapped veal steak stuffed with mozzarella cheese, served with rucola salad & pan fried potatoes
veal cutlet 200g5 490 Ft
grilled suckling veal cutlet topped with wild mushroom sauce, served with fresh tossed salad with rucola & steak potatoes
grilled duck breast3 690 Ft
served with fresh garden salad and smoked cheese mashed potatoes
foie gras 200g5 990 Ft
pan fried foie gras with tossed salad & steak potatoes


oven knuckle3 190 Ft
oven baked pork knuckle with fried crispy onion & pan fried potatoes
cuban pork roll3 190 Ft
fried rolled pork tenderloin stuffed with ham, mozzarella, smoked cheese and pickles, served with pan fried potatoes
cuban pork roll3 190 Ft
fried rolled pork tenderloin suffed with ham, mushroom, mozzarella, smooked cheese & steak potato and pickels
spare ribs BBQ 250g / 450g3 190 Ft / 3 990 Ft
BBQ spare ribs with french fries & coleslaw
Spicy pork tenderloin3 190 Ft
grilled pork tenderloin topped with hot chimmichurri sauce with grilled garlik-tomatoes & steak potato dippers


salmon steak
- with steamed vegetables & rice3 490 Ft
- with fresh salad & steak potatoes3 690 Ft
- with grilled vegetables & pan fried potatoes3 990 Ft
Steaks menu

Beerhouse schnitzels

Served with french fries!
chicken 200g1 790 Ft
pork loin steak 200g / 300g1 990 Ft / 2 490 Ft
veal 200g3 490 Ft
Steaks menu

schnitzel toppings

romano490 Ft
parmesan cheese c mozzarella
santorini790 Ft
feta, cream cheese, olive, dried tomatoes, chives, bacon, mozzarella
country690 Ft
ham, mushroom, mozzarella, smoked cheese
Steaks menu


new york cheesecake990 Ft
original cheesecake with strawberry, raspberry or caramel sauce
brownie with ice cream small/large990 Ft / 1 490 Ft
hot chocolate brownie with ice cream
american apple pie890 Ft
tiramisu990 Ft

kids meal

under 10 years
fried chicken breast with french fries1 490 Ft
pasta al ragu di carne (Bolognese)1 790 Ft

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